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    10 Stories That Prove Study Abroad Changes You In The Best Possible Way

    I was privileged enough to study abroad.  I loved every single moment.  Even the tough parts. That experience changed me for the better…

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    Read it again:  EVERY.  SINGLE.  REPUBLICAN.  Yes, that includes women. 

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  3. I love my skin!

    So do I.

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  5. "[S]o tired of hearing hetero misogynists exclaim that they LOVE women. No, doofus… You love sex. Just because you have sex with women does not mean you love them, respect them, or care for them in any capacity."
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    The sci-fi art of Leo Dillon, 1933-2012


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    84yo Asian American victim of NYPD brutality to sue city for $5 million

    I blogged earlier this year about the story of Kang Chun Wong, the 84 year old Chinese American man who was brutally beaten by New York City Police Department officers after he was stopped for an alleged incident of jaywalking. Wong, who speaks predominantly Cantonese and Spanish, was walking on the Upper West side when he was stopped by Officer Jeffry Loo at the intersection of 96th and Broadway.

    According to the NY Daily News, Officer Loo asked for Wong’s identification, which Wong provided. However, when Loo began to walk away with the ID, Wong — not understanding what was happening — protested. That’s when Loo, along with several officers pushed Wong against the wall of a building and then slammed him to the ground, bloodying his head. Witnesses were horrified, capturing graphic pictures of Wong being handcuffed and taken away.

    Wong was eventually charged with jaywalking, along with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, however the Manhattan district attorney’s office decided not to prosecute the case.

    Now, Wong — through his attorney Sanford Rubenstein — is suing the city and the NYPD for $5 million dollars.

    Read More: http://reappropriate.co/?p=6585

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  8. "A good first step is to find or create an occasional place of refuge where you can escape the electronic grid that surrounds us. It’s a place without phones or computers — without monitoring of any kind. Stepping back from the grid is especially important if you have small children. They need to discover the possibilities created by their own imaginations. I realize that switching off one’s Twitter feed is highly difficult for some people. But walking alone down a forest path, smelling the wet earth, and watching branches sway in the wind is actually the first step in your act of resistance. You can’t truly hear your own voice until the shouting around you disappears. New ideas and possibilities — our own ideas, our own possibilities — will occur only when we step away from the Virtual Panopticon."

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  10. Illustrations by Armando Drechsler (source) (source)

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