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    I Love Flan & I Love Wutang
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    Wu tang flan is for the children

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    Beautiful Quote #NewPost [9]

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    Concerning Violence

    "Colonialism is violence in its natural state, and it will only yield when confronted with greater violence."

    Text: Frantz Fanon, Narration: Lauryn Hill

    Concerning Violence is a challenging but ultimately illuminating look at the struggle against colonial rule in Africa. Committing a political act of unburying and appropriation, acclaimed director Göran Hugo Olsson (The Black Power Mixtape 1969-1975) assembles striking archival material of various liberation efforts from the 60s and 70s and sets it to passages from Frantz Fanon’s vital treatise on racism and colonialism, The Wretched of the Earth.

    Actor/singer Lauryn Hill narrates the text with passionate conviction, guiding us through a tricky terrain of often-difficult imagery. While it may sound simple, the images and words interact in subtle, interesting ways, each providing a nuanced context for the other. The result is a complex exploration of rebellion, burning with a contemporary urgency. Divided into nine chapters and meticulously woven together to rhythmic perfection, Olsson’s work is one of the most impressively structured found-footage films—and certainly the most intense—in recent memory.

    Screening October 5th and 8th, 2014 at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

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  5. I spent last Sunday at the new Levi’s Stadium watching the 49ers beat the Philadelphia Eagles. What a sweet and well earned victory.

  7. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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    Beautiful Quote #NewPost [9]

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    The historic city of Bruges is getting a 2-mile-long underground beer pipeline. Too bad it’s from brewery to factory, not brewery to your door.

    Belgium Likes Underground Beer. No, Literally

    Photo: Bernt Rostad/Flickr

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    IN OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, USA: Time to stop an Israeli ship again!

    What: Mass march and picket
    When: 4:30 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 27
    Where: Gather at West Oakland BART and march to the Port of Oakland
    Goal: Stop Israeli ship Zim Shanghai from unloading or loading its cargo

    INFORMATION: Stop the ZIM Shanghai September 27th! https://www.facebook.com/events/545270232240123/

    POSTER SOURCE: Download Palestine Solidarity Posters, http://dignidadrebelde.com/blogpost/view/459

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